This German Short Hair Pointer                                              This Collie Mix is photographed in

has bad lighting on it and part                                                 natural light, colors are good, eye level

of the face and ear are covered                                              distance and good expression.

by a person

This calico cat obviously not fully in frame.                                This long hair tabby is good-eye level

Looking down on the cat from above.                                         ears up-looks a bit fuzzy but printed                                                                                                         very clearly for details

Pricing & Other Information

This Chocolate Lab has adequate lighting,                              This American Bulldog has fair lighting,

too close making nose large and out of focus,                         Eye level, good distance, in focus..ears

ears down.                                                                                aren't up and forward but the way this

                                                                                                  dog holds them naturally.

Beth's Arts N Crafts

Price List

Please read the terms & policies below

Head Portrait in Graphite Powder and Pencil or Pen and Ink

Drawing Size (mat opening size)        Price                               Extra Subject


                                8 x 10                                                          $125        $55(per extra subject-max 2 subjects per portrait)

  Extra Fee-Halters or collars $3.50, Bridles $6, Toys or extra item $6

                              11  x 15                                                        $230        $80(per extra subject-max 3 subjects per portrait

  Extra Fee-Halters or collars $4.50, Bridles $7, Toys or extra item $7

                                 12  x 18                                                       $285        $105(per extra subject-max 4 subjects per portrait)

 Extra Fee-Halters or collars $5.50, Bridles $8, Toys or extra item $8

           Watercolor wash add-8x10 $10, 11x14 $15 per subject, 16x20 $20 per subject, 18x24 $25 per subject

Head Portrait in Color Pencil

Drawing Size (mat opening size)                    Price                               Extra Subject

                                       8  x 10                                                           $175        $80(per extra subject-max 2 subjects per portrait)
  Extra Fee-Halters or collars $4.50, Bridles $6, Toys or extra item $6
                                      11  x 14                                                          $280        $110(per extra subject-max 3 subjects per portrait

Extra Fee-Halters or collars $6.50, Bridles $9, Toys or extra item 9
                                       12 x 18                                                           $335        $140(per extra subject-max 4 subjects per portrait)
 Extra Fee-Halters or collars $6.50, Bridles $9, Toys or extra item $9

Please email me for quotes on Watercolors, Full Body, Multiple Subjects or other Subjects, Over Maximum Subjects or any other item  not listed..Include photos, ideas and details

 Commissioned Stationary

Black Ink drawing- approximate size of artwork 4 x 5     $75 and up

Color drawing- approximate size of artwork 4 x 5          $90 and up

Prices are subject to change-Please read Rights of Artwork

Hand Painted Slate & Ornaments

Slates are approximately 7x14

This are old roofing slate that have drilled nail holes

Portrait Slates (1 subject) $60

Breed Slates $40

Pet Portrait Ornaments $25

(one pet only per ornament))

Crocheted, Sewn or Knitted Pricing

Prices vary according to project/patter, size, materials used and time.

Prices below are starting at and going up from the above requirements.

Some photos in the galleries have prices of actual item for sale.

Crocheted Baby Booties $15-$25

Baby Sweaters, Jackets & Coats $18-$40

Baby Dresses & Pant Sets $20-$40

Childs Sweaters, Jackets & Coats $20-$45

Childs Dresses & Pant Sets $25-$50

Adult Sweaters, Jackets & Coats $30-$200+

Shawls & Wraps $20-$75+

Adult Dresses $75+

Slippers $15-$30
Hats & Scarves $12-$30

Socks, Boot Cuffs, Leg Warmers $12-$25+

Wristers, Gloves, Mittens $15-$25+

 Blankets $25-$60+

Pet Items

Dresses $15-$25+

Sweater, Jackets & Coats $15-$25+

Beds $25 and up

 General Ordering

If you are unsure how to order please e-mail or write to me with your ideas and photos. I will offer my professional suggestions and will take into consideration what you want. I will consider any ideas you may have. Quotes will be given via email or snail mail. These quotes will be good for 30 days from date of e-mail. It generally takes 6-12 weeks to complete an order depending on the item.                    CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT

Communication-You may either e-mail, snail mail or call. E-mail is preferred as to any changes and agreements will be dated and documented. If you choose to snail mail me the time frame of all transactions will take longer. Calls will be returned in a timely fashion. Notes will be taken during phone calls, any changes in the order will be rewritten and either e-mail or snail mailed back to the purchaser. I require these written changes be read by purchaser, signed, dated and returned before any work can start.

Deposit and Payment- a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot for your order to start. Orders are done in the order they are received. You will be notified where your order falls on the work list and the approximate date your work will start. You will be sent periodical e-mails of the progress of your work. Images of work in progress will also be posted on this site. You will be notified when your work is completed with a photo and balance that is due. You will be contacted when your final payment has been received and the date your work will be shipped.

Changes of an Order
Once I start an item I may not be able to  make any changes.  If changes can be made there will be additional fees for the extra work and materials.

Cancellations, Returns & Refunds

If you should want to cancel you order do so ASAP! 

You will be refunded you full deposit ONLY if I have not started the project or bought materials for it.

Once work has been started there is No refund for canceled orders.

If an order has been completed and buyer then decides to cancel -FULL charges will apply.  If payment is not made within 30 days bill submitted to buyers credit reports.
No Refunds for color, material, or size-these are specified in the order
Shipping on returns are at the buyers expense-insurance should be added.
If a Return is accepted, Refund will be made once item is received and must be in the same condition as it was sent.

Shipping and Handling

Due to rates of shipping changing so frequently an estimate of charges will be given at time of ordering. When item is finished actual shipping and handling charges will be added to balance due.  Insurance is included in this quote.  I can not be held responsible for shipping issues-damages, delivery times etc

Policies and Terms For Artwork

Rights of Artwork

The artist retains all rights and licensing to all artwork.

The artist retains and reserves the right to use any artwork in reproductions, prints, stationary or in applications on other products.

The purchaser of commissioned work is for their personal display only.

The purchaser may not reproduce, copy, or use the work or its image in any form for profit or distribution of any kind.

Purchasers of commissioned stationary may only reproduce work for their own personal or business use. They may not reproduce, copy, or use the work for any profit or other distribution of any kind.

No artwork or image from this website can be reproduced, copied, redrawn, printed or used in anyway without the written permission from the artist.


All artwork sizes are approximate. The smaller the size of the artwork will decrease the detail to the subject. The larger the size allows to include multiple subjects up to a maximum that can be accommodated. Full body portraits require an 11 x 14 size or larger. Custom or unusual sizes will be considered, framing may be added if possible for an additional charge. Composition and Layout -Portraits are of head, shoulders and possibly a portion of the chest. Depending on the conformation or structure of the subject/s will determine if the artwork will hang vertically or horizontally. The conformation and structure will also determine how the subjects are positioned on paper. I will take into consideration what you prefer. Combining subjects from separate photos can be done.  Changing minor photo flaws will be attempted as well as adapting the subject itself (ie.changing ear position, tail set etc.)  Background-There is an additional charge for detailed backgrounds. Please note that backgrounds sometimes detract from the subject. A color background can be added at no additional charge (color portraits only).


Color in photographs can be greatly varied.  Computers and printers can also vary color.  I will try my best to use the closest color to your subject as possible.  When choosing your photos, pick the best that represent the truest color.  I can not be held responsible for this issue.

Commissioned Stationary

Must be discussed with the artist as to the subject/s, theme, idea etc.

Price varies according to idea. 

Frames and Matting

Due to breakage during shipping I will only mat shipped artwork.  Mats will be black, white, or gray for Pen and Ink or Graphite Powder and Pencil. Color artwork mat colors will be complimentary to the work.  If you would like a ready to hang completed portrait I can quote you a fee for framing.

Policies and Terms of Crochet, Sewn & Knitted Items


Due to color of yarns and fabrics varying from photographs, computers and printers-Colors may not be exact. Textures will be described according to the brand. I will send a variety of links and photo samples-this will allow the buyer to see and feel colors if they choose to go to local stores that may carry the products.

Designed Items

As an artist I hold the rights to any design/artwork and patterns of a specifically designed an example a drawn Yorkie puppy to make a graphphan/graph blanket. Or a specifically designed item of clothing.


I use free, paid for and my own design patterns.  My patterns can be purchased for personal use only (no selling of items made from it, no posting of my pattern on any website)

How To Photograph/Best Photos To Send

Photograph in natural or quality lighting.  Light source should come from behind photographer but not to be casting a shadow on subject. 

Eye height/level with subject.  Not to close or proportions may be off.  Not looking down or up at subject.

For portraits, send a variety of full front faces and off center side faces.  For pets make sure ears are up and forward unless pet does not naturally hold them that way. Here are some examples...​​


                                                       Bad Photos                                                                                    Good Photos